4 Exterior Remodeling Ideas for Selling Your Home

home for saleWhen you decide to sell your home, making small improvements to your home can go a long way towards selling your home. Some upgrades may even allow you to raise your asking price. Here are four relatively easy upgrades you can make to the outside of your home to increase its curb appeal and help you sell quickly:

New Deck – A low-maintenance deck constructed from composite and vinyl is a great way to increase the value of your home – it’s almost like adding a whole new room. Buyers will be attracted by the entertainment possibilities, and they will also love the lack of maintenance required to keep the deck looking great.

New Windows – Replacing your windows with new energy-efficient ones will make your home look more modern and save the new homeowner’s money on utilities. Installing fresh new windows that let in lots of light is sure to entice buyers.

New Doors – A new front door can seriously boost the curb appeal of your home. It can also increase your home’s energy-efficiency by eliminating drafts. Choosing a steel security door can give homebuyer’s peace of mind.

Roofing Repair – A wise homeowner will have the roof inspected before making a purchase. Make sure your roof is up to date by hiring a qualified roofing contractor from Ace Home Improvements, LLC.

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Essential Maintenance Tips for Your Wooden Deck

power washer cleaning a deckA wooden deck is a great investment for your home. Not only does it provide an excellent entertainment and relaxation space, but it also adds value to your home. Because your deck is made from wood, it does require yearly maintenance.

Inspect and Prepare – Before you do anything to your deck, you need to inspect it for loose boards and other damage. Clear everything off of your deck and sweep away dirt, leaves, and other debris.

Power Wash – The next thing you need to do is get out the power washer. Power washing your deck removes debris from between the boards and blasts away a years’ worth of dirt and grime.

Paint or Stain – The next step, once the deck has dried, is to either paint or stain it. If you choose to paint your deck, be sure to use a alkyd primer or stain-blocking oil first. When selecting a stain, go with one that sinks into the wood instead of forming a film over it. Avoid heavily-pigmented, solid stains that peel and show wear patterns.

Seal – The final step is to seal your deck. Use tarps to protect plants, air conditioners, and anything else nearby that could be damaged by the sealant. Use a quality seal that contains UV protection to reduce sun damage to your deck.

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Temporarily Repair Your Asphalt Shingles

Worker hands installing bitumen roof shinglesWhile it is best to call a professional when you have issues with your roof, but sometimes you need temporary solutions until you can find a qualified roofing contractor. If you have an asphalt roof, these tips will help you temporarily repair three types of shingle damage.

Curling Shingles

Whether it is due to age, environmental factors, or improper installation, asphalt shingles may begin to curl. You can temporarily repair the shingle with roof sealant and a caulking tube. Using a caulking gun, apply roofing sealant to the shingle and hold it down with a brick for 24 hours. Don’t do this in cold weather, as the shingle will be more brittle and is likely to break or pop back up.

Cracked or Bent Shingles

Inclement weather, age, and wear can cause a shingle to become bent or cracked. If only a few shingles are broken, you can temporarily repair them with bituminous roof sealant. Place the sealant under the crack, press the shingle down, and apply more bituminous sealant on top of the break. If you have a lot of damaged shingles, it is best to call a contractor.

Missing Shingles

If you have matching shingles left over from your last roofing job, you can use them to replace missing shingles. Be careful though, if your roof is under warranty you may nullify it with a DIY job.

Remember, these solutions are only temporary. If there is damage to your roofing near Waldorf, MD, call the professionals at Ace Home Improvement. Our expert roofers will make your roof as good as new.

What to Expect During a Home Remodeling in Odenton, MD from Our Experts

If your family is growing or you just want more space in your home, our services for home additions in Waldorf, MD, and nearby areas is a perfect choice for you. To learn what to expect when you work with our professional contractors for your home remodeling, please read this blog!

Easy Design Process

With endless options for materials, flooring, surfaces, cabinets, colors, storage, and other design elements, it can definitely get overwhelming. However, our experts will work closely with you to determine what you want and need for your home addition. Once we get the needed information, we can design and put together a comprehensive plan for your home addition.

Construction Process

Once everything is planned out and our experts are ready to begin, we will make sure to communicate with you the work hours, where materials will be stored, the traffic flow, and all other necessary information to keep your family safe and comfortable. If you are not staying in your home during the building process, we will make sure to update you on our progress.


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Reasons to Get a New Deck in Fort Washington, MD Cont.

In our last post, we discussed some reasons why you should let our professionals build you a new deck in Fort Washington, MD. To learn some other great reasons, please read on!

Increase the Value of Your Home

Your home is a constant investment that you can always see a return on. To increase the value of your home, a new deck is a great, inexpensive project to consider. If you are selling your home or are planning to, a deck is a great way to attract potential buyers. They will appreciate the extra space and entertainment value and be more inclined to put an offer on your home.

Fast Construction

Our experts provide only efficient and high quality service and they are dedicated to building your deck as quickly as possible. When you work with us for your new deck, you can rest easy knowing your deck will be up and running in no time!

Peaceful Getaway in Your Own Home

A deck is a great way to relax and take a break from the stresses of everyday life, without leaving the comforts of your own home. Invest in comfy outdoor recline chairs, a hot tub, or a nice sitting area to read a book.


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Reasons to Get a New Deck in Fort Washington, MD

If you are thinking about getting a new deck in Fort Washington, MD, or any surrounding areas, read this blog to find out why you should definitely do it!

Expand Your Space

With a new deck, you can expand your property space and create a bigger area to hang out with loved ones or store your belongings. At Ace Home Improvements LLC, we offer gorgeous options for wood decks that can be custom sized.

Entertaining Space

A deck is a great place to entertain your guests year-round. Picture throwing a great BBQ on the 4th of July or celebrating the New Year with your loved ones by popping champagne! If the space in your home is small, a deck is an even better option for you. You can create great moments with your friends and family, without feeling cramped in a tiny kitchen or living room.

Inexpensive Home Renovation Option

Another great perk for a deck installation is that it is a relatively inexpensive project, especially compared to other home renovation options.


To learn more about why you should get a new deck in Fort Washington, MD, please check out our next blog!


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Reasons Why Your Gutters Clog

The gutters of any home are often overlooked but it is important that homeowners remember to clean and maintain them. They are an essential part to the structure of a home because they help prevent damage from water buildup. Read on to learn some reasons why your gutter can clog and how to remedy the issue!


A lot of homeowners face issues with mold and if you do not clean your gutters, this is another area that mold can build up. Birds and other pests are more likely to build a nest in clogged gutters and their droppings can cause mold and potential health issues. Over time, the acidity in bird’s droppings can also cause wear on any protective coating, paint, etc. that is on your home.

Outdoor Debris

Leaves, branches, and other outdoor debris is most common reason that gutters become clogged. It is important to clear out this buildup because clogged gutters are also attractive to pests, who will build nests near your home. The weight of debris can also cause your gutters to become overloaded and they could break. A break in your gutters could also cause damage to the siding and foundation of your home.


Depending on the weather of your location, you will want to do daily, weekly, or monthly maintenance on your gutters. This is something you can do yourself or have a professional do but if you practice consistent maintenance, you can prevent serious and costly issues in the future. A great maintenance plan would be to clear out any leaves and other debris before they become a huge problem. You can also make sure the gutters are securely fastened and that there is no added weight that might be damaging them.

We also offer high quality gutter guards, as well as gutter replacements, which makes maintenance easier. Our guards and gutters work with homes of any size or shape, to learn more contact us today!


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Reasons to Add a Home Addition

beautiful homeIf you are thinking about adding onto your home, it may help to think about all the possibilities it offers. You can probably think of several good uses for that space and can get some expert advice from a company that builds home additions in Waldorf, MD. Meanwhile, here are some reasons to expand your space.

Extra Space

When you expand your kitchen or build a sunroom, you get more usable square footage. It is also cheaper and less hassle to add space to your existing home than to move to a new home. It is something to definitely consider if you are thinking about moving to another home and uprooting your family. Here are some uses of an addition:

  • Bigger kitchen
  • Breakfast nook
  • Mudroom
  • Home office
  • Exercise room
  • Playroom

When you really love your home, it can be upsetting to realize that you’re quickly outgrowing your space. You’ve built memories in your home you don’t want to give up, but trying to crowd the family around the kitchen table is getting to be a tight fit. With an addition, you can simply enlarge the space you already love and get back to making memories.

Increase Your Home’s Value

Adding an addition to your home is one of the best ways to add value to your home. When it is time to sell, you can get a large percentage of your investment back and, in some cases, even more than the total cost of the improvement. In addition to getting more for your house when you sell it, an expanded layout can help it sell.

Home buyers these days are particularly looking for large, airy kitchens, but many older homes don’t have the space for these. Bumping out the wall in your kitchen by adding an addition can give you the space to really wow prospective buyers.

How to Know if Your Window Needs Replacing

contractors replacing a windowWindows can last a long time but not forever. Sometimes it is hard to tell if they need replacing or not. If you do not know their age and think it might be time, consult with a company that provides window replacement in Waldorf, MD for advice and options. Here are some signs that it is time to replace your windows.

Visible Signs of Wear

This is one of the easiest ways to tell a window has passed its prime. Any visible damage needs to be remedied. You may need them repaired but if they are old, you might consider a replacement. Look for these signs:

  • Warping
  • Breaks in glass or frame
  • Chipping
  • Rot or mold

Energy Efficiency

Most homeowners want their home to be as efficient as possible to reduce energy costs. Installing modern windows can reduce the energy bill up to 25 percent. If your window pane is cold in the winter or hot in the summer, it may not be insulating well. There are glass coatings that reduce the transfer of heat and block UV rays to avoid fading of carpets, paint, and furniture. For maximum efficiency, look for the Energy Star designation.

You Purchased an Older Home

If you are renovating an older home, you might need new windows. If you are restoring an historic home, you may find that other owners replaced windows with ones that did not enhance the style and heritage of the home. You want to choose windows that match the style of the home and that don’t distract from its charm.

You Live Where Severe Weather Occurs

If you live in an area that experiences severe storms, you may need a certain type of window. Windows that can resist harmful effects of humidity, salt water, or high winds are available. Also, some windows are designed to be impervious to extremes of temperature and corrosion.

Types of Roofing Material

roofing la plata mdWhen it is time to replace your roof, you can change the look of your house depending on the type and color of roofing material you choose. A new roof will also add to your home’s value so that needs to be taken into consideration. To explain your options and the costs involved, contact us for roofing in La Plata, MD and the surrounding areas. Here are the common types of roofing materials.


Asphalt is a popular choice and consists of a fiberglass base infused with asphalt to provide waterproofing. Granules of ceramic, stone, slate, quartz or other similar materials make up the outer coating. The shingles are easy to install and last 20 to 25 years. They do well in all types of weather but extreme weather will shorten their life.


Slate is expensive but it can last 100 years or more. It resists fire, is very strong, and comes in a variety of colors and styles. It requires professional installation and requires extra support since it is very heavy.

Ceramic tiles are also durable and they do not fade easily. They are fireproof and can last 50 or more years. They are not as strong as slate, do not stand up to extreme weather as well, and break easily.

Clay and concrete tiles are heavy and require expertise when installing. They are fireproof, last up to 50 years, and complement Mediterranean, Spanish, and Mission style houses.

Wood and Shake

These shingles are a natural roofing material made from cedar, southern pine, or redwood. Their life span is about 30 years and they add a rustic look to a house. They do not do well in areas with high humidity or a lot of rainfall.


Metal roofing materials come in shingles and panels. They are made of copper, stainless steel, aluminum, lead, or zinc. Metal roofs do well in extreme weather and can be recycled. They are durable, lightweight, reflect sunlight, and can last up to 75 years.