When You Expand Your Family, Don’t Move – Build an Addition

thejtyjetyjkukA new baby is exciting, but after the initial whirlwind of bringing your new family member home, and the chaos of those first few days, you may begin to have concerns about the amount of space in your home. Many families would make the decision to move into a larger home at this point, but there are different options to consider. Remember, having a baby costs a lot of money. It’s definitely worth it, but buying a new home may add more financial strain than necessary. Instead, consider getting home additions in Odenton, MD.


Putting a new addition on your home costs much less than buying a new home. You don’t have to rent a moving van, you don’t have to take out a loan, and you don’t have to replace any of your furniture to match the décor of a new place. If you need extra space, but you don’t want the financial burden that comes with buying a new home, building an addition can be a great solution.


Moving is stressful. There’s no way around it. First, you have to find a home that fits your needs, and then you need to pack up your entire life and make the trek over to the new place. Once you’re there, you need to unpack everything, and buy new furniture to fill the extra space. And you have to do all this while taking care of your new baby – which is already stressful enough. When you build an addition, you can stay right where you are with much less inconvenience involved.

Putting Down Roots

One of the most rewarding parts of building a new family is the process of putting down your roots. You get to know everyone in your community, your kids make friends at the local school, and you become a part of something bigger than yourself. Moving every time you need more space can make your family feel uprooted, and you lose that sense of community that you’ve been cultivating. Building a new addition on your home allows your family to grow and to continue settling in to your community, making it a wonderful option for new families.