What Your Front Door Says About You

front door – door replacement upper marlboro mdYour front door is the first thing your guests see when they enter your home – what impression is it giving them? Your front door says a lot about your personal style, just as much as the décor inside. Here’s what your choice of door says about you:

Gray or White

You have a taste for subtle beauty – muted colors, and large windows that let in the natural sunlight makes up your ideal home décor. Your ideal day is a lazy Sunday morning spent curled up with the crossword and a hot cup of coffee.


If your home sports a red front door, you’re a fan of the classics. Your home is full of antiques and perhaps you even have a few historical memoirs in your book case. Your taste is refined; with a vast appreciate for tradition and history.


Your blue front door tells your neighbors that you believe in the classic American dream. For the holidays, you decorate your front door with a beautiful, yet simple wreath. Your home is filled with family photos and beautiful wooden furniture.


You’re a true renegade. Your personal style and home décor reflect your quirky, offbeat nature – and that’s just how you like it. You have an artist’s soul, and decorate your home with unique art pieces from local artists.


Posh, polished, classy – that’s what a black door says about you. You have an interest in high fashion, and have probably seen more than a few Audrey Hepburn films in your time. Your décor is as modern and elegant as your wardrobe.

Natural Wood

If others were asked to describe your personality in terms of a home, they would probably say things like “cozy” and “inviting”. Your home features polished wooden floors with tasteful area rugs. You’re laid back and have an appreciation for the natural world. Your ideal night is spent curled up by the fireplace with a cup of herbal tea and your favorite novel.

The Door Your Home Came With

If you’re still living with the door your home came with, you need an update! Not only does your door not reflect your true personality, but it may also be facing structural issues that come with age. Contact Ace Home Improvements today for door replacement in Upper Marlboro, MD and the surrounding areas.