What to do About Drafty Windows

kfhtdjIts winter time and that means spending more time indoors to avoid the cold. But what do you do if the cold tries to follow you inside? Drafty windows can be a huge problem in the colder months. Not only do they sap the warmth from your home, making it uncomfortable to be inside, but it also jacks up your heating bills. Here are four ways you can take care of those drafty windows this winter season.


Clean the window and apply a layer of caulk over the drafty areas. You can apply it around the trim, or between the trim and the frame.

Weather Stripping

Weather stripping creates a tight seal around the window, blocking drafts. Usually made of foam and self-adhesive, this is a quick, inexpensive fix that you can find in any home improvement store, and can be installed easily.

Curtains, Draft Snakes, and More

This is a temporary fix, but layering curtains and placing draft snakes on the windows can stop drafts. Make your own draft snake by filling a tube of fabric with uncooked rice.

You should only use this method as a temporary fix to stay comfortable while you look for a more permanent solution.

Replace Them

Although there are ways to stop them, drafts are often an indication that it is time for window replacement in Dunkirk, MD. Ace Home Improvements can install new, energy efficient windows, with several beautiful styles to choose from. Contact us today for a free estimate.