How to Clean and Maintain Your Vinyl Siding

erjkherjklfgeYou’ve decided to install vinyl siding in Dunkirk, MD because it’s more durable and requires less maintenance than wood siding – but vinyl siding is not entirely maintenance free. The good news is that it does not require any sort of back-breaking labor to keeping it looking like new. With these two simple steps, you can keep your vinyl siding looking fresh for years to come.


Vinyl siding does not wear or chip the same way that wood does, because the color permeates the material rather than sitting on top – so the good news is that you never need to paint it. However, vinyl siding can be punctured and cracked. To make sure this doesn’t happen, be sure to trim bushes and trees away from the siding so that the branches don’t damage the material.


One of the best things about vinyl siding is that it’s very easy to keep clean. You really only need to give it a quick wash about once year or so. Use a long handled car wash brush and some mild soap to scrub the siding, and then rinse it down with a high-pressure hose. In order to protect nearby plants from soap and the high pressure hose, cover them in tarps first.

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