Essential Maintenance Tips for Your Wooden Deck

power washer cleaning a deckA wooden deck is a great investment for your home. Not only does it provide an excellent entertainment and relaxation space, but it also adds value to your home. Because your deck is made from wood, it does require yearly maintenance.

Inspect and Prepare – Before you do anything to your deck, you need to inspect it for loose boards and other damage. Clear everything off of your deck and sweep away dirt, leaves, and other debris.

Power Wash – The next thing you need to do is get out the power washer. Power washing your deck removes debris from between the boards and blasts away a years’ worth of dirt and grime.

Paint or Stain – The next step, once the deck has dried, is to either paint or stain it. If you choose to paint your deck, be sure to use a alkyd primer or stain-blocking oil first. When selecting a stain, go with one that sinks into the wood instead of forming a film over it. Avoid heavily-pigmented, solid stains that peel and show wear patterns.

Seal – The final step is to seal your deck. Use tarps to protect plants, air conditioners, and anything else nearby that could be damaged by the sealant. Use a quality seal that contains UV protection to reduce sun damage to your deck.

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