Common Winter Window Problems

Winter weather can be tough on your home. Many people worry about snow buildup and ice dams on their roofs, slippery sidewalks, and heating costs, but not many people consider how winter weather can affect their windows. Here are three common window problems that homeowners can experience in the winter months.


Addressing the issue of condensation on your windows depends on where that condensation is. If the moisture is building up on the interior this could mean high levels of humidity in your home. This can easily be fixed by using a dehumidifier, and does not indicate any problems with your windows.

However, if you find that moisture or fogging is building up between the panes of glass, you may need a window replacement in Severn, MD. This type of moisture buildup is an indication that the seal holding the glass panels together is no longer airtight, and has lost its ability to insulate properly.


Ice on your windows can be a sign of high humidity, but can also be a sign that your windows are not performing properly. The presence of drafts and the loss of the airtight seal we mentioned earlier can be a cause of ice on window glass. Installing storm windows can go a little way towards addressing this problem, but since your windows are not properly insulated it is best to get a window replacement in Severn, MD.


If you turn up your thermostat and still feel cold in your home, your windows may be drafty. This could be happening for a number of reasons, from poor installation and frame damage to weather-stripping failure. To find drafts, you can use a tissue, smoke from an incense stick, a lighter, or a candle. Move them slowly around the window frame until the tissue/smoke/flame moves because of air getting into your home.

When you experience drafts, or any of the above window issues, call Ace Home Improvements and we will help you determine if you need a repair or window replacement in Severn, MD.  We have a variety of eco-friendly window options that you will love. Contact us today for a free estimate.