Common Types of Roofing Problems

jhgkuyfkYour roof takes a lot of damage over its lifetime. How long that lifetime is depends on early you catch that damage. You can extend the life of your roof by watching out for these three common roofing problems.

Leaks and Moisture

Inclement weather can cause moisture to get underneath the shingles and flashing on you roof. This can cause leaks, mold, and rotting – all of which can be cause for a roof replacement. Damage from snow and ice can even cause cave-ins, though these are rare.

Be careful to watch for small leaks in your attic, because these can become a major problem. Monitor snow accumulation on your roof and call a professional to remove it if there is too much.


Tree branches hanging over your roof can rub the granules off your shingles and lessen their lifespan. If a tree or a tree branch should get knocked over during a storm it can cause even more extensive damage to your roof. Make sure you clip branches away from your roof. If a tree is very close to your home, you should probably remove it to prevent damage.

Improper Installation

If your roof was not installed properly, the chance of it becoming damaged in the future is much higher. A roof inspector can spot these issues before they become a problem. If you want your roofing installed correctly the first time, call Ace Home Improvements – your local roofing company in Dunkirk, MD. Get a free estimate today.