Benefits of Choosing Vinyl Window Frames over Wood

yhrtyMany people love the traditional look of wooden window frames, but there are some problems you may encounter that may make them less worth the cost. If you are looking for a simple and beautiful solution, vinyl window frames may be right for you.


While wooden frames are classically beautiful, they require a lot of maintenance. They frequently need to be stripped and repainted to prevent peeling. They also do not stand up to the elements quite as well as vinyl. If they are not sealed correctly, wooden window frames are susceptible to weather damage and termites.

Vinyl window frames never need to be repainted, and only need to be rinsed off every once in a while to maintain their appearance. They can handle almost any kind of weather without damage.


Vinyl window frames are inexpensive, and maintenance costs after installation are practically nonexistent. With wooden frames, installation will cost more because they are more difficult to install. You will also need to regularly pay for maintenance like stripping, painting, and you may need a replacement after a few years.


If you are looking for modern-looking windows, vinyl is the way to go. Vinyl doesn’t peel or chip, meaning it always looks new and clean. It also provides your windows with a sleek, streamlined look.

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