Add Space to Your Home with a New Addition

Has your home started feeling a bit too small? Maybe your family has expanded and you’re looking to move into a bigger home, or you purchased your current home as a starter and are looking to move on to something nicer. Building a new addition in Odenton, MD is a much cheaper, less stressful alternative to moving, and you can do a lot with the added space.


A new baby is always exciting, but often new parents don’t have the extra space to accommodate the new little one. You can use your new addition as a nursery for them, and if you make it large enough you can create a room that they won’t grow out of as they age. All you need to do is change the paint and furnishings as they get older so that their room can carry them from the crib until they’re ready to head out into the world on their own.


Perhaps you work from home, or need a designated space for sorting your family’s finances, or you simply need a space to work on your hobbies undisturbed. A new addition in Odenton, MD can easily be turned into a new office or craft room.

Entertainment Room

Add some excitement to your home with a special entertainment room or man cave. You can add games, a TV, and a super comfy couch – perfect for watching movies. Having an extra room in your home just for having fun will instantly banish those feelings of your house being too small. Whether you need a special room to unwind, or an exciting entertainment room for the whole family, a new home addition is perfect.

Endless Possibilities

With a new addition in Odenton, MD the possibilities are endless. You can build a nursery, a guest room, an office, a family entertainment room, or even a tricked out man cave. No matter what you need the extra space for Ace Home Improvements can help you turn your home into your dream home. Instead of moving to a larger home, consider building an addition on your existing property. Contact us today for a free estimate!